Our Program

Connect with K-5 teachers from across the country in an exciting five-day experience as you extend your own understanding of mathematics concepts and teaching strategies. Enjoy the breathtaking Fay School campus in Southborough, Massachusetts, and spend time talking with colleagues about new ideas and extensions of old ones. In the afternoons, participate in events and discussions that focus on important issues and ideas in math education.

Math Workshop

This four-day workshop is for K-5 educators and will focus on:
- modeling of mathematical concepts and procedures
- application and identification of multiple strategies and approaches in solving problems
- developing conceptual understanding as well as procedural proficiency
- identification and implementation of rich mathematical tasks and problems that empower students to apply mathematical understanding
- curricular application and implementation of mathematical standards
- positive disposition necessary in approaching new challenges
- exploration of different models of assessment
- meeting the needs of a wide range of students
- study of mathematics including probability, number, geometry, logic, measurement, and pattern

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